Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - Belated

Happy Thanksgiving, a little belated. This is my favorite holiday, maybe because of the extended weekend and a little time off from work, or the anticipation of the holiday season, I just enjoy it. We had a nice dinner with my brother and his wifes family, with tables extending out of the dinning room into the living room. Plenty of good food and company.
I am working on Christmas gifts and this is a sketch for one of the pins I am currently working on.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Summer Shadows - In Progress

This is one of the paintings I have been working on recently. It's our pantry window with the shade pulled down to keep the summer heat out. Our home is older and small, not alot of closet space, however I do have a pantry and it is wonderful. There is extra counter space in there and all the cabinets for dry and canned goods plus storage for pots and pans. When you have a small house it does not take much to make it look messy. Clutter around our home is our worst enemy.There is a flower box outside the window, in the Spring I have Pansies, however it is also a favorite sitting spot for every cat we have ever had. They get a good view of the bird feeders from up there and they also can get your attention if they want to come in. So it has become a battle to keep flowers in for any length of time.

The red dots are the beginnings of a hanging Geranium plant, and at this point all I have done is located the space in the painting it will occupy.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Back To Work

I had a wonderful morning today - a crisp cold sunny morning with leaves falling outside my window, a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and the house to myself. Cats were napping, Lily and husband sleeping, time to catch up on everyones blogs and see what happened last week. Seems a little odd not to have been home for Halloween, I enjoy the decorating and always buy way to much candy for the number of Trick or Treaters that we get.

This is the completed painting of Pewter "Just Hang'n Out". Finally got to a point where I feel satisfied with the image. This is the initial sketch and this is the in progress painting. I always find it hard to know the exact time to stop working on a piece, I'm sure many others do too.

So now that I am rested and inspired, I saw some great art work last week along with some beautiful scenery, it's back to work!!!