Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Christmas Gift Of Peace & 'Thank You'

A big ‘Thank You’ to our eBay and Cafepress customers. We have had a wonderful Christmas season and hope our greeting cards and gift items add to your holidays too! Merry Christmas and looking forward to 2007.

'A Christmas Gift of Peace' was as usual, a collaborative effort between my husband Frank and myself. For my models, I had photographed he and our Corgi together, with him offering 'Maggie' a treat, because I had planned to have Santa offering the Corgi in the painting a wrapped gift. However as an image it just didn't work. Somewhere in my sketches I had done a snowman offering the Corgi that same gift, and I love to paint snowmen. Frank suggested the bone instead, a cat to give it a story-line and the name 'A Christmas Gift of Peace' & the rest as they say 'is history'.

The little cat ‘Twinks’ loves our yard because we feed the birds. She is very furry and friendly with no fear of Lily our Corgi. She has a tendency to nip playfully when she gets excited, so we’ve learned not to pet her too much, but she’s really just a big lovable ball of fur. Here's how we use A Christmas Gift Of Peace as a Christmas Card.

Most pet lovers (the lucky ones) at one time or other have a pet that you just connect with, & Maggie was mine. I think our personalities were similar and she always made me feel special. This card is dedicated to her and that rare bond only a very special companion can bring.

Merry Christmas Maggie.

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