Monday, April 30, 2007

Hanging Out The Wash

This fun little illustration is an oil painting on a 5" x 7" primed hardboard surface. I’ve done a few of these whimsical pieces and hope to continue the series because I really enjoy them.

It's such a departure for me to paint bright bold colors and repetitive patterns and not get lost in some minute detail. I have a book on the wonderful artist Charles Wysocki which I've started looking over and studying how he handled patterns. He has a stylized way of depicting the mountains, hills & trees in the background that flattens the object, which is a large part of the charm of folk art painting.

I have a lot of fun when I paint like this - here's how we used Hanging Out The Wash as greeting cards in our new Etsy store.


My eBay store has prints & greeting cards of this image & others.
My Cafepress store has more samples on my 2nd new website.
My Etsy Store has more samples on my 3rd new website.