Friday, February 29, 2008

Slumber Party

Two years ago at Easter we came home to find a stray cat on our back porch. She hung around the house for a few weeks allowing us to talk to her and feed her but you could not touch her. Of course she was pregnant and finally moved in with us to have her three tiny kittens in our bathroom.

We were very fortunate that one of the girls who works with my friend found a home for Mama and one of the kittens leaving us with two, "Pewter" and "Fred" (formerly known as Fredrika). Even though we really didn’t have the room those kittens just stole our hearts and it was hard to finally let go.

However, Mama did not like our dog - perhaps she was even abused by one and we did not have the room in our house to make it work. And yes, we were just as bad as new parents with the photographs and videos of the adorable kittens.

The above painting is of "Pewter" and the 3rd kitten my husband named "Cookie" (because he was black & white like an Oreo). While I really do not need any more cats, it was really a great experience even as we were wondering what we were going to do with them and how we were going to feed them all. And as a side note - Mama and her boys have all been to the vet so this won’t happen again.

The above painting is a 5" x 7" oil on board.