Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still Life completed

Here is the completed oil painting that I was working on in my last post. You may note that I did not have the the light and shadows on the rock as well defined before. It was that strip of light at the bottom of the rock that caught my eye and made the composition. I also darkened the background, I wanted the leaves to pop a little more.

I was very sorry to learn this week ( and I may have been the last person to find out) that Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion is no longer being published. This month would have been the artist studio edition which I totally enjoyed. This was one of those treats you allow yourself, curl up with a cup of tea and get lost in all the creativity. I still go thru old copies and find something new. I guess there were a few more magazines that fell victim to the economy. Unfortunately, I liked many of the ones that did not make it. Look on the bright side, I will be saving some money.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Life with Nasturtium

This is the oil painting I worked on this week. Some more glass and another Nasturtium. This piece was setup outside last summer, I found the shadows cast on the rock by the flower and leaves interesting. I hope you all had a nice Valentines day. My family is getting together tonight for a family Valentines dinner, just a nice home cooked meal and some conversation.

Once again when I am finished I'll scan it and post the finished piece.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Amber Glass Update

This is the scanned version of the painting I posted about two weeks ago. At that time I just could not get the photo to come out. I am still having a few issues that will have to be ironed out but I'm glad I tackled it.