Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Life with Nasturtium

This is the oil painting I worked on this week. Some more glass and another Nasturtium. This piece was setup outside last summer, I found the shadows cast on the rock by the flower and leaves interesting. I hope you all had a nice Valentines day. My family is getting together tonight for a family Valentines dinner, just a nice home cooked meal and some conversation.

Once again when I am finished I'll scan it and post the finished piece.


magicmyst said...

Once again you have surpassed your self. The shadows are interesting, your flower is alive and I am very impressed with you glass work.

Thanks for your email. It is very sad here at the moment with all the deaths, houses lost and the destruction to wildlife and bush. The smell of smoke is something that we are living with every day. One of my friends from the Kinglake area which was one of the worst affected is safe and her home was saved but we know so many people who have tradgic stories to tell.

Holly Zemak said...

Thanks for the kind comments Kay. I am glad that your friends home was spared, those fires were horrific. We saw some photos of the Kinglake area and not a home was standing. Makes you stop and put things in correct perspective.

Cathy said...

Beautiful as usual Holly. I love the way you have painted the glass with the stems in. Your paintings are always so beautifully balanced too.

Valentines Day was fairly ordinary here. I was amazed at the stock of flowers our local supermarket got through. They must have sold thousands of red

Holly Zemak said...

Thanks Cathy for your compliments -I managed to get Chocolates instead of flowers for Valentines Day which is fine with me. Chocolate is a major food group!