Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Special Delivery

It’s getting to be that time of year - kids are back in school, Halloween decorations are out in the stores and I am working on my Corgi Christmas card for this year. Here is the sketch which has already been transferred to a board and the background painted. And here is a little tidbit from life.

I stopped over my parents last night, just as it was getting dark. The porch light was on and there by the kitchen door was a box with a towel placed inside and two dishes neatly arranged in front of it with a very contented looking cat nestled in. My parents have said "no more pets" and held fast to this for several years now. After raising four kids and their assorted cats, dogs and horses they wanted freedom from all the stress and headaches and a chance to travel.

But there he was watching the world from his nest. I went inside and dropped off what I had to leave, than came out to sit on the porch with him. We sat together in the dark, listening to the crickets, the air cool and dry, sounds of a back door slamming and someone calling the dog. The air has a nutty smell this time of year and life gets back to routine after the summer, everyone has their meetings or school. I looked over at him and we both knew that by the time the snow comes he will have moved in with his box by the fireplace.

I had to get going. Backing the truck down the driveway I glanced back for a minute. So Norman Rockwell - a doorway decorated with a Fall wreath, porch light on, and a cat working his plan and soon a new home.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sparkle & Velvet

Because of our cool weather I have been able to have Pansies in my garden all summer. I love the dark purple in the center of these flowers. So, I have been working on this painting for a bit. Trying to show the contrast between the smooth glass surface, as opposed to the soft velvet petals. What I like is the rich sparkle of the yellow glass pitcher, letting the light thru. There are some very rich reds in there that I am trying hard to capture. And it amazes me when you start to look closely just how many different colors you really find. My hope is to finish this by the end of the upcoming weekend - lets see if I do.