Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Summer's Last Bouquet

We have quite a few of these small glass vases, mostly in shades of blue and orange. There is one on the kitchen table all Summer and Fall filled with whatever flowers (or flowering weed) is available from the yard. They are small and it does not take a lot of blossoms to fill them. But each small sweet bouquet adds a little warm touch to my home. I love the color and the way the light shines thru. Maybe they’re old fashioned, but that’s OK with me.

Now that the weather has cooled off the Pansies are coming back in full force. I am so pleased these little guys made it and I will have to see how far into late Fall they hang on. They’re right at the bottom of my back steps, mixed in with a patch of Chives that I massacred the other day by cutting them to the ground, chopping up what I had cut, and freezing 7 boxes so I can have Chives all winter. We add them to our scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes and egg salad. Most amazing of all is that the Chives in the ground are now a foot tall again after only about a week. I still can’t believe how vigorous they are. I have had them hang on into December in a protected spot, so we’ll have to see how they do - but a most amazing & delightful herb to be sure, and the flowers aren’t bad either.