Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boo To You Two !

Happy Halloween - the season is here & most of the yards in my neighborhood are decked out in their scary best - blow up witches, goblins and even some good old-fashion hand carved pumpkins. With our new kittens this year I have been a little careful about what I put out, as they get into everything. We have had a beautiful Autumn weather-wise, however the colors seemed lacking. And as I was driving home tonight you could feel and see November in the air.

Thought I would just share with you my version of the 'Great Pumpkin'. He rises up in the pumpkin patch just in time to surprise two Corgis that were using it as a shortcut. Here's how we used Boo To You Two on a daily journal in our Cafepress store.

This painting is oil on stretched canvas. Oils are my favorite medium to work in. I am a slow painter, and oils allow me the flexibility of being able to work in one area without the paint drying for a couple of days. For awhile I was painting on small stretched canvases, but now have gone back to gessoed hardboard. With hardboard I can get the detail that I want.

I should say that when I started this blog I wanted to at least do one post a week. I knew that I would not be able to post every day or two, so I approached this with a workable goal. Of course intentions are good and then my computer decided to act like the 'Wicked Witch' in The Wizard of Oz, and had a small melt-down. All is well now and we are back up and running and I will try again.


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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pumpkin Head & Francine

Here's my second pen & ink drawing for Halloween. This work, which I call 'Pumpkin Head', came from old photos I had of decorations on my parent's porch, and what a trip down memory lane this one has been. The Calico cat is Francine - actually she was my sister's cat when we were growing up and she had a natural mean look.

Francine loved my sister - it was just the rest of the family she could have done without. Francine is long gone, and I now live with a whole new 'Fur Family'. No one in this current batch has the evil eye, although Ember (our oldest male) is having to adjust to kittens in the house. He just looks disgusted!

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The trees around here are just starting to show some fall color & we actually had one night last week in the high 30's. I have not had a frost yet which is nice as I get to enjoy my Cosmos in the garden a little while longer.

My eBay store has prints & greeting cards of this image & others.
My Cafepress store has more samples on my 2nd new website.