Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boo To You Two !

Happy Halloween - the season is here & most of the yards in my neighborhood are decked out in their scary best - blow up witches, goblins and even some good old-fashion hand carved pumpkins. With our new kittens this year I have been a little careful about what I put out, as they get into everything. We have had a beautiful Autumn weather-wise, however the colors seemed lacking. And as I was driving home tonight you could feel and see November in the air.

Thought I would just share with you my version of the 'Great Pumpkin'. He rises up in the pumpkin patch just in time to surprise two Corgis that were using it as a shortcut. Here's how we used Boo To You Two on a daily journal in our Cafepress store.

This painting is oil on stretched canvas. Oils are my favorite medium to work in. I am a slow painter, and oils allow me the flexibility of being able to work in one area without the paint drying for a couple of days. For awhile I was painting on small stretched canvases, but now have gone back to gessoed hardboard. With hardboard I can get the detail that I want.

I should say that when I started this blog I wanted to at least do one post a week. I knew that I would not be able to post every day or two, so I approached this with a workable goal. Of course intentions are good and then my computer decided to act like the 'Wicked Witch' in The Wizard of Oz, and had a small melt-down. All is well now and we are back up and running and I will try again.


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