Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trim'n The Tree

This is the finished painting

This is my initial sketch

I love painting snowmen, the rounder the better, with big wide grins and twinkling eyes, wearing colorful hats and scarves. You just have to have some bright colors to jazz things up a bit. After all it’s the holidays!

This is the sketch I worked off of for this year’s Corgi Christmas card - I do a new card every year. A very 'Rubenesque' snowman is helping to decorate a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” (I think I have had a few of these). Shiny beads, some glass balls and a star for the top just overwhelm the flimsy little sapling. I really don’t think that these two Corgis will actually be able to get all of the decorations that they plan to on this poor little guy.

My first Corgi was a 'Fluffy' and I drew the Corgi in the foreground much like him. He was built like a tank, solid as a rock. If you look at the sketch you will notice that I moved this dog several times and you may be able to see the erasure marks.

I started out with the snowman since he is the biggest object and central in the design. Next I placed the two Corgis around the tree and tied the elements together with the string of beads that run thru the tree.

My husband & I work together on these cards. I may start a sketch or an idea and then we bounce it back and forth. He adds elements or has a critical eye that notices things that I may not because I'm too close to a painting.

Here's Trim'n The Tree as our new Christmas card for 2006 in our eBay store.

Happy Holidays!!!

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