Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazy Summer Afternoon

I have been working on a project recently and this is one of the images from the series. The pieces are small - about 2"x 4"- which means a fairly small brush and reading glasses (Ha Ha!), but the images have been fun to create. Seems like I have been painting a lot of birds lately, and this is an English House Sparrow.

We left one bird feeder up this summer and have been getting a family of Tufted (Titmouses? Titmice? Anyone know the answer?), some Chickadees with a few Goldfinch & Cardinals mixed in to keep it interesting. They only come early in the morning and than about 5 in the afternoon. Boy! what a racket these Tufted (Titmice?) make when they’re happy. Nothing like the feeding frenzy during the winter months but enough activity to interest the cat for a few seconds between naps.


Cathy said...

This is really beautiful Holly. I love the design and the brilliant colours. The bird stands out so well with the yellow sun behind. I have tried painting quite small but I feel a bit constrained, so I think it is not for me.

We have two birdfeeders and have the country's entire population of starlings (or it seems like it). We get lots of sparrows, doves, wood pigeons, blackbirds and the odd robin and thrush. It costs a fortune to feed them but it is wonderful to have a garden full of birds, despite having two cats in residence. Your tufted birds sound the equivalent of the starlings who are very nosiy and gregarious.

magicmyst said...

HI Holly, It's good to see some of your art work. I guess you must be really busy at present.

This is lovely. Very powerful image with the striking red in the background and the circle of sun. I feel you are a master of design.


Holly Zemak said...

Hi Cathy - It has been nice this summer to have both the bird feeder and a bird bath in use. It does make a garden, now if I could just find someone to help with the weeding.

Holly Zemak said...

Hi Kay - Thank you for your comment, I am not a graphic person, it was hard not to add all kinds of detail.