Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - Belated

Happy Thanksgiving, a little belated. This is my favorite holiday, maybe because of the extended weekend and a little time off from work, or the anticipation of the holiday season, I just enjoy it. We had a nice dinner with my brother and his wifes family, with tables extending out of the dinning room into the living room. Plenty of good food and company.
I am working on Christmas gifts and this is a sketch for one of the pins I am currently working on.


magicmyst said...

I like this design. The simplicity of the design is powerful and effective. I like the use of the circle. Kay

Holly Zemak said...

Thanks Kay for all your positive feedback.

Cathy said...

This is really lovely Holly. I like the encircled bird too. It is beautifully designed. I look forward to seeing the finished item.

Just to let you know that I picked all nine commenters on my blog post to win a set of my greetings a tribute to nearly being Christmas and being the time of goodwill to If you can let me have your snail mail address I will get them in the post asap.

Anonymous said...

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