Monday, September 11, 2006

Hello World - My First Post!

This is my first post - welcome to my little corner of the Universe. Here I hope to share my love and passion for art and creativity. My happiest moments of the day are spent at my drawing board. You Are My Sunshine - is a pastel inspired by my corgi Lily resting on her sun pillow. She is not always this calm and quiet, and that sun pillow was destroyed long ago.

Pastels have opened up a whole new world for me. The intensity of color that you can achieve by laying one color over the other is exciting. I have even found that I work from a richer palette on my oil paintings. I work in Faber-Castell hard pastels, Sennelier soft pastels and Derwent pencils on Sennelier La Carte Sanded paper.

This blog will continue to be a work in progress & I will be posting new work frequently, so please check back often.

My eBay store has prints & greeting cards of this image & others.
My Cafepress store has more samples on my 2nd new website.

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