Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Excuses Excuses

It has been unusually hot here the last few days. Not the type of weather you want to stay inside and paint in. Guess I could try my hand at plein air painting, or at least sketch outdoors a little. The cats are lying in front of garage door, SPLAT, they don't have the energy to move.

I have been working on my blog, learning how to add an image to my banner and "jazz" it up a bit. Looked into switching over to Typepad since I have seen so many bloggers with professional looking sites using that company. But on the other hand there are also just as many blogs in Blogger that are just as well formatted with interesting banners and graphics. So my education has begun. I'm sure there will be more changes coming, a little knowledge is a scary thing.


Jennifer said...

Love your new banner Holly!
The weather has been oppressive here too. Too hot to paint!

Cathy said...

This kitty picture is just so gorgeous and vibrantly coloured. We are having warmer weather now - 24C - nothing in comparison to your temperatures I expect but plenty hot enough for me...lol. The new banner looks great. I am thinking of designing a new one for my blog too. Just need a bit of inspiration....!!

Holly Zemak said...

Thank you Jennifer and Cathy for the comments on my banner. I'm getting a little more adventuresome.