Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greeting Cards, Wild Weather & Hummingbirds

I have been working on Greeting Cards this past week for Etsy. Several of my recent cat paintings, two new Corgi images and some flowers, all of which had been completed and just needed to have me sit down to proof and print. And so this weekend in between thunder, lightening and minor flooding situations I finally got some work done. But don't feel too sorry for me because on Saturday we went for a lovely ride, a house and garden tour and lunch.

I try to have several different products for my more illustrative pieces. Besides cards, notecards and prints I also have textured art tiles and sometimes gift tags. I have been thinking about opening up a second blog to keep the illustrative work seperate from my oils and pastels. Just thinking out loud at this point.

I am thrilled that we finally have a Hummingbird at our feeder. We started feeding last summer and have been patiently (?) waiting to see if we would be visited again this year. I have been planting Impatients all around the house. Tonight he or she has been back several times.

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