Sunday, August 03, 2008

Summer Jewels

These Nasturtiums are courtesy of my parents garden. We stopped by last Sunday to pick up some vegetables and at the front of one of the rows was this beautiful mound of flowers. I love these guys, they are happy and vibrant.

I have been working on several projects - but nothing to show for it tonight. One of my goals for this year is to become more fluent with Photoshop so that I'm not asking my husband for help quite as often. It is very important to me that I become as independent as possible -to create the work and than have the necessary skills in place to work on my images whether it be posting to my blog or creating prints or cards. So this was one of those weeks were I was more a student than an artist. But is for a good cause because in the end I will actually be more productive.


Cathy said...

Beautiful flowers Holly. I love that vibrant, zingy orange too. Unfortunately all the wet weather we have been having in the UK has meant that the slugs are growing very fat on our flowers. We are nuturing a few hedgehogs as well so hopefully they will help the problem in a natural way. We don't like putting anything down as we have cats poking around all the time.

Good luck with your excursions into PS. I have it installed but it is all still a big mystery to me. I have to learn little bits about it at a time as there is just so much information on there. My brother hleps me along with the tricky bits thank goodness and I absolutely love doing digital drawings. Love the choice of all those matt colours.

Have a great week.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Holly
Your avatar is the best !
I would give you best avatar award

I'm sick of this weather too
looking forward to fall

Bye for now . Thanks for visiting me