Thursday, August 28, 2008

Christmas Card 2008 Work in Progress

This is the initial sketch for my Corgi Christmas card this year. Everyone loves Corgi puppies, even Santa. The darker images of the two puppies running with socks are actually sketches on tracing paper that have been taped in place. Alot of times when I am laying something out I will sketch out some of my objects and use this method to find the best placement.

After I finish the sketch, it is traced and tranfered to a gessoed board. I like the flat surface, especially when it comes to illustrations like this where it will be scanned and printed. I've tried canvas images and was just not happy with the results.

The original is painted in oils and I am more than half way complete.


magicmyst said...

Hi, glad to see you back up on line. i love santa, he is looking very jolly and with all those corgies running round his feet he will be hard pressed to finish his job. Kay

Cathy said...

Lovely Christmas design Holly. It will be beautiful when transferred to oils.

I design and handmake my eldest brother's cards for his business clients and it is time for me to make a start now in order to get them ready for Christmas. Traditionally it is always a pen and ink design and usually an animal or bird picture. In fact I am going to go on an inspiration hunt through my books and mags today.

Look forward to seeing santa and the corgis when they are finished.

Design said...

Soooo Cute! You are a fantastic artist! What a wonderful idea for your Christmas Cards! Corgi Dogs are fun!