Saturday, September 06, 2008

Missing Ember

He appeared out of nowhere one day, to become a member of our family for the next 15 years. Back then he was a real "ladies man" and attracted to our female cats at the time.

We never knew where he came from, what his "real" name was - we called him "Ember" - nor where he went during the time he was gone those days during his average week with us.

He was gentle with our new kittens a few years back, though they didn't deserve it most of the time, and he made a great lap cat on those cold winter nights.

He'd eat anything you placed before him, and Oh boy did he like his canned milk!!!!

There were times he spent several weeks straight enjoying the good life with us, then he'd disappear again, only to materialize days later.

When he left us he had two favorite directions he'd wander off in, so he must have had an extended family of loyal milk suppliers. Wish I knew what they called him, what his "other " names were, and what his favorite sleeping nooks looked like.

He cashed in two of his 9 lives during the last decade he was with us, but pulled through thanks to our vet's good care.

During his later years with us , he got thin and bony, lost some teeth, and went blind in one eye - and on one sad lonely unremarkable night he walked out of our lives forever.

Where ever you are Ember, what ever happened to you, we miss you pal. Thanks for all the great memories. You blessed our lives.

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Cathy said...

This post brought a tear to my eye Holly. I hope Ember is somewhere safe if he is still around, otherwise happy in kitty heaven. He blessed your lives but I have no doubt you blessed his just as much. We have two lovely mogs called Jack and Tiggy but lost Georgie earlier this year. We still miss him lots.