Monday, September 22, 2008

Pewter - Just Hanging Out

This is the starting sketch for an oil painting I am working on this week. This is Pewter, one of the two cats we kept from Mama cat. Pewter looks like a Ragdoll, he has a dark mask around his slightly blue eyes, cream colored body with a tan saddle marking across his back. His brother Fred is completely black. This was last winters bed, you know how it is , each winter the cats stake out a spot in the house that is theirs. If another cat sleeps in their spot there is hell to pay.

My Christmas card is finished, I tried to photograph it tonight but it didn't come out clear enough and it is still too tacky to put in the scanner. Once I have it scanned I will post it.

I have started a second blog - it will have both my Christmas cards and other Illustrations. I've posted 5 images so far - I'm picking out which images I want to add. You can click here to see it or click on Holly Zemak Design Studio in the right hand column.

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Cathy said...

Pewter is a cutey Holly. I love the soft and cuddly look. My black cat Jack can achieve that look quite easily. Looking forward to seeing the picture progress. I like the pumpkins too. They are becoming more popular in the UK these days. I love all the interesting shapes and textures. Pewter has inspired me to finish a pen and ink picture I started ages ago of my cat Georgie who died earlier this year.