Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Basking in the Light

Basking in the Light - today was anything but, we had the full compliment of snow, sleet and now freezing rain. Cats are bored, they go out to sit on the back porch and end up crouching under the chairs watching the birds feed in the feeders. So far they have not wanted to venture out into the elements and pester the birds.

I did finish the painting I posted last week with the red glass but I cannot get a good photo today. So I'll let it dry and scan it in a few days. Above is a pastel of Ember on the bed, taking a little cat nap.

I work from photos that either I or my husband take. He kindly lets me use some of his, especially any cat photos he has. I have a Sony Cybershot that I can slip into my pocketbook and keep with me at all times. At least this was the plan, I am going to work harder at taking more photos, I don't know how many times I have seen a great painting as I am riding around or out for a walk. It's not like I don't have the camera, it's getting into the habit.!!


magicmyst said...

Holly, wow! it doesn't look like a pastel . I love it. The softness of the rug and once again all the detail that you put into your work.

As for the weather enjoy your snow and sleet. We are sitting through a heat wave here in Melbourne, Australia. I am not sure if you are watching the Australian Open but the temps are a rcor for us. 43 degree celcius day after day. Not sure how that converts to farenheight. Very hot.

Holly Zemak said...

Thanks Kay - as for the weather I'm not sure which is worse heat or cold. But I can complain about either if you like.

magicmyst said...

Holly, you are funny. Complaining can be lots of fun. I guess it doesn't change anything.

Cathy said...

What a lovely pastel Holly. I always think getting that much detail into a pastel must be really tricky. I love the colours too.

Regarding the snow, we have had about 6" which is probably just a thin covering compared to that in the States or Canada. Quite a lot for us though.

Poor Oz are really suffering with those very high temps. I have a very narrow band of temperature comfort - between 15C and 25C is ideal for

Inspiration By Karen said...

Wow I love these pictures, your work is amazing!