Monday, January 19, 2009

Working on a snowbound weekend

We had an extremely cold and snowy weekend - so I went into hibernation, stayed home and painted. This is an oil on a 5" x 7" board and as you can see I am still plugging along. I have learned alot working on this piece, most important, simplify the reflections that you see in the glass. At first I tried to paint every single detail that I saw and became lost. After a while I would stand back or leave the room for a while and do something else. I noticed when I returned the detail that I was fussing over was not even important and that the general shapes seem to work better at conveying glass. I am going to work on this again tonight and will keep you posted.


magicmyst said...

This is beautiful like always. I think your relections are gorgeous. The orange red in the foreground is breath taking. Kay

Cathy said...

This is going to look wonderful when finished Holly. I love that dramatic red. Brave you tackling reflections.

gianlucio said...

Hello Holly, this very special painting, has some beautiful lights.
Ciao a presto